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Student News

  • Sam Kanson-Benanav, a senior undergraduate major, has won the 2010-2011 Cenex Harvest States (CHS) Foundation Scholarship.
  • Page Mieritz, a senior undergraduate major, has won the 2010-2011 Laurence N. and Anella W. Dexter Scholarship and the Vicky Lee Hirsch Academic Merit Award.
  • Christa Seidl, a senior undergraduate major, has won the 2010-2011 Vicky Lee Hirsch Academic Merit Award.

Capstone Presentations

Undergraduate majors in Community and Environmental Sociology are required to do some sort of capstone project. Over the last several years, we’ve made a practice of having our capstone students present their work at a dedicated session of our weekly departmental seminar. We tend to get a sizable audience of faculty and graduate students, and the undergrads seem to enjoy the opportunity to talk about their work and have an audience engage with it. After the seminar, we adjourn to the departmental library for a small reception. That too seems a nice opportunity to bring our majors more fully into our departmental community. Over the 2009-10 academic year, we heard a great set of presentations from our capstone students. This list of names and titles will give you a bit of a flavor of what our students are interested in and concerned about:

Fall Semester:

  • Brianna Glanzman: “The Need for Domestic Tourism in Kenya.”
  • Jessica Cady-Bartholomew: “Downtown Market Analysis Evaluation: Elkhart Lake, WI.”
  • Amanda Grambsch: “Low-Income Single Mothers and Their Access to Health Insurance.”
  • Laura Quist: “Building Equity and Community through Community Supported Agriculture.”
  • Justin Schaude: “Learning to Build Community Through Sustainable Agriculture.”

Spring Semester:

  • Jessica Kozlowski: “Eco-Fruit as Public Sociology.”
  • Siena Lang: “Community Conservation in Loitokitok, Kenya.”

Graduating Seniors

We’re proud of our 2009-2010 graduates: Brittany Bethel, Olivia Zieve, Jessica Cady-Bartholomew, Justin Schaude, Amanda Grambsch, Brianna Glanzman, Siena Lang, and Jessica Kozlowski.

Crowe Outstanding Senior Award Winners

We would like to congratulate Brianna Glanzman and Laura Quist for winning this year’s Evelyn Crowe Outstanding Senior Award.

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