The Haller Distinguished Lecture 2010

Archibald Haller (PhD Wisconsin, 1954) was on the faculty of the Department of Rural Sociology at the University of Wisconsin from 1965 to 1994. In 1998, the Haller Distinguished Lectureship was established with support from friends and colleagues. The major donors were Merton R. and Peggy Barry, Verl Franz, Alejandro Portes, William H. and Elizabeth Sewell and the Spencer Foundation. There were 76 other donors, including scholars from this and other nations.

Each year the Department has had the good fortune to be able to bring in a high profile scholar to talk about her or his research on a topic that overlaps with Haller’s interests in social mobility and inequality. On April 30 of this year, our Department hosted a visit by Dr. Patricia Fernandez-Kelly from Princeton University. Dr. Fernandez-Kelly gave an engaging presentation on her research on second-generation immigrant youth in the United States. Her work provides thought-provoking and surprising insights into how immigrant youth overcome significant obstacles to upward mobility.

We were delighted that Dr. Haller attended the talk, along with his son Bill, daughters Liz and Stephanie, granddaughters Ilana and Marisa, and Alejandro Portes of Princeton University.

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